Welcome on the website of ‘Legion’, an Astellia-Guild on EU-Server. We are providing our collected information about many things. The site is new and under construction, so please forgive us the incompleteness.

If you wanna join our Guild, feel free to do so, search for ‘Legion’ and press join!

Now have fun and greetz



  • Page update 0.1.6 [10/24/19]

    24. Oct 2019 by

    Maglev Adventure Journal – Randeilo Completed added Traces of the Euria Incident added Karza’s Teachings added Atra and Karza added Flowers of Respite Collectables – Randeilo Completed added Scutula’s Wings added Black Smoke Fnier Hoof added Tiny Crown of Tober

  • Page update 0.1.5 [10/22/19]

    22. Oct 2019 by

    Titles deleted page + menu (paused – will be readded, if we got more informations) Collectables – Randeilo added Kiradi’s Big-Winged Leather added Fairy Yellow Pollen added Flowe Tailed Flowers added Horn of the Centaurs

  • Page update 0.1.4 [10/21/19]

    21. Oct 2019 by

    Classes – completed Warrior (reworked the site design) Scholar (reworked the site design) Assassin (added Advanced classes + Co-op Astels) Archer (added Advanced classes + Co-op Astels) Mage (added Advanced classes + Co-op Astels) Collectables – Randeilo Kiradis’ Big-Winged Leather (added) Fairy Yellow Pollen (added) Flowe Tailed Flowers (added) Horn of Centaurs (added)

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